Rocky and Bullwinkle: When Moose Met Squirrel is an upcoming Computer Animated buddy comedy film based on the 1960's TV series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. It is a prequel to both the 2014 short film Rocky and Bullwinkle and the 2000 film The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. it will be directed by Gary Trousdale who's best known for co directing Beauty and The Beast The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and Atlantis: The Lost Empire for Disney and It will also be produced by DreamWorks Animation and Bullwinkle Studios and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Plot Edit

A plucky flying squirrel named Rocky and a silly moose named Bullwinkle both move to Frostbite Falls Minnesota and become friends while three evil spies named Boris Badanov Natasha Fatale and Fearless Leader try to kill them and take over the world.
Rocky and Bullwinkle short 060

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Cast Edit

Tara Strong as Rocky The Flying Squirrel/Karen Sympathy

Tom Kenny as Bullwinkle Moose

Robert Cait as Boris Badanov

Lauri Fraiser as Natasha Fatale

Ty Burrell as Mr. Peabody

Iain Armitage as Sherman

Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson

Keith Scott as Dudley Do-Right/Inspector Fenwick/Aesop

Jeff Bennet as Handsome Prince/King

Collin Dean as Aesop Jr.

Ray Liotta as Frank Sinatra

Grey DeLisle as Nell Fenwick/ Princess/Evil Witch

Scott Weil as Fractured Fairy Tales Narrator

Stephen Stanton as Captain Peter Wrong way PeachFuzz

Corey Burton as Mayor/ Snidely Whiplash/ Dudley Do-Right Narrator

Thomas Lennon as Fearless Leader

Robert Ben Garant as the Rocky and Bullwinkle Narrator