Shark Tale 3 is an all new 3D animated prequel film right before the events of Shark Tale and Shark Tale 2, and takes place where Don Lino and his wife, Mildred first met one another, then got married and had two shark pups named Frankie and Lenny, then took them home with them to the Titanic House. This is also right before Mildred went missing for quite a while.

Plot SummaryEdit

Ever since the Titanic got destroyed and sunk in the ocean, a settlement of various sharks came to the Titanic and colonized it as their house. It's been colonized by Don Leonardo. There, Leonardo met a pretty shark named Annabelle. The 2 of them got married and had a son named Edward Lino. Edward got furious over Leonardo and sent him to the eels. He now rules a regime of sharks, swordfish and octopuses. Edward Lino came across a female shark named Mildred. They later got married and had two sons named Frankie and Lenny. Don Lino realized that Mildred is having an affair with Luca, so he took her to the eels, but kept Luca because he's a worthy asset. He came across the founder of Whale Wash known as Sykes, and he told him about Earl, the world record tongue scrubber at the Whale Wash. Don Lino and Sykes made a deal that Sykes will be a loanshark for him. Edward Lino came across Don Volt and Don Feinberg and made alliances.

Voice Cast MembersEdit

  • Michael J. Fox as Oscar (voice, replacing Will Smith respectively)
  • Renee Zellweger as Angie (returning voice)
  • Jeff Bennett as Young Edward Lino (voice)
  • Emily Blunt as Young Mildred (voice)
  • Frank Vincent as Don Leonardo (voice)
  • Lorraine Bracco as Annabelle, Don Leonardo's wife (voice)
  • Dominic Chianese as Don Feinberg (voice, replacing the late Peter Falk respectively)
  • Vincent Pastore as Luca (voice)
  • Danny Cooksey as 13 Year Old Frankie (voice)
  • Michael Imperoli as Frankie (voice)
  • Max Charles as 8 Year Old Lenny (voice)
  • Jack Black as Lenny (voice)
  • Steve Buscemi as Don Volt (voice)
  • J. August Richards as Earl, Oscar's father (voice)
  • Martin Scorcese as Sykes
  • Mar-Mar as Young Oscar (voice)