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Like the first movie edit, the story follows the original version until the turning point, where it takes a  very different version of events.


After Shrek and Fiona come back from their honeymoon, they are invited to a royal ball thrown by Fiona's parents to celebrate their marriage, an event in which Shrek is reluctant to participate. Donkey appears, wanting to move in with them after a falling out with Dragon, much to their consternation. They all travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away and meet Fiona's parents, King Harold and Queen Lillian, who are surprised by Fiona's choice of husband and her new appearance. Harold is repulsed and at a family dinner, he and Shrek get into a heated argument. Fiona, disgusted at their behavior, locks herself in her room, where she meets her Fairy Godmother, who is also startled by Fiona's new looks and marriage. Subsequently, King Harold is accosted by the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming, her son. He had arranged with the Fairy Godmother that Charming would marry Fiona and they demand that he get rid of Shrek. Shrek worries that he and Fiona aren't meant to be, particularly after finding a diary from her pre-teenager years and discovering that she was once very infatuated with Prince Charming. Harold arranges for Shrek and Donkey to join him on a hunting trip, which is really a trap to lure the two into the hands of an assassin, Puss in Boots.

When Fiona realizes that Shrek left, she asks her father for help, but he replies that he always wanted the best for her and that she should think about that too. Realizing that Harold is completely unwilling to even try to get along with Shrek, Fiona locks herself in her room. Puss is unable to defeat Shrek after being attacked by Donkey and reveals that he was paid by Harold. He asks to tag along as a way to make amends. Shrek decides to go to the Fairy Godmother for help. However, the Fairy Godmother states that ogres do not live "happily ever after" and refuses to assist him. Nonetheless, the three sneak into the Fairy Godmother's potion factory and steal a "Happily Ever After" potion that Shrek believes will ensure a happy ending for his marriage, but it doesn't appear to work. Meanwhile, Fiona finds the deal that Harold and Puss in Boots had signed and demands answers from him, but Harold refuses to respond. Fiona then decides to leave, but like Shrek and Donkey, passes out as the potion takes effect.

The following morning, Shrek is human, Donkey is a stallion and Fiona has returned to her human self, but the Fairy Godmother manipulates Shrek into believing that he and Fiona aren't meant to be. Later, Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots overhear Harold telling the Fairy Godmother that Fiona hasn't fallen for Charming. Thinking that Harold is leading a plot against Shrek and Fiona's relationship, Shrek angrily confronts him and he and Puss take him to a forest, where they bound him to a tree. Meanwhile, Prince Charming, who has been impersonating Shrek, is stopped by Donkey from kissing Fiona, and is unmasked when the interference pushes back the kiss until after midnight, turning Fiona, Shrek and Donkey back to their original forms. The Fairy Godmother threatnens Shrek, also confessing to being the leader of the plot, but he outdoes her, causing her to accidentally kill Prince Charming, and Puss repays his debt to Shrek by killing her.

However, Harold, who had freed himself, angrily bursts out at Shrek, prompting Fiona to leave Far Far Away. Queen Lillian confronts Harold about his attitude to Shrek, but he is adamant that he will try to get along with Shrek. However, the Fairy Godmother's death causes all of her spells, including Harold's Happily Ever After, to cease function, and Harold turns back into a frog. Lillian exiges that he makes amends with Shrek, which he does, and Shrek is able to convince Fiona to give Harold a final chance. Harold apologizes to Shrek, Donkey and Fiona for what he has done, giving them their blessing. The film ends as Dragon appears with the Dronkeys.

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